How to Measure for Curtains

How to Measure for Curtains.

Calculating numbers for your made to measure curtains can get complicated, hopefully our Step-By-Step guide will make the job a lot easier.

Our tutorial will show you how to work out all of the measurements you will need, so you can send them through to us and let us work our magic.

Tools & Tips before you start:

  • Before taking any measurements for your curtains, it would be a good idea to select and fit your track or pole. By doing this, you can accurately work out how/where you want your curtains to finish and they can then be made accordingly.  Once your pole or track is in place always remember this is where your curtains will start.
  • When you measure for curtains, always use a steel tape to take your measurements. (fabric or plastic type tape-measures tend to stretch over time and may give a false reading).
  • Write down EVERY SINGLE MEASUREMENT you take!

Step 1: Curtain Pole or Track

(If you already have a pole or track installed, skip to the next step.)
First we need to measure the inside width of the window. (Measure A)
Next, decide how far you want your curtains to hang over the wall on either side of the window. People usually like this to be about 20cm on each side, as it ensures the curtains can be opened fully and closed completely – allowing more daylight in when you need it and keeping light out when you don’t. (Measure B)


Now add A + B + B. This will give you the length of the track or pole needed to hang your curtains (C), excluding finals.

Step 2: Measuring for the Width

(If you skipped step 1, measure your pole (excluding finals),and this will give you measurement (C).)


The result is the required width of Each curtain. For example if the pole measures 200cm that is the width of each curtain (before the curtain headings reduce the width of each curtain to approximately half) Ok, we’ve now established the width of our curtains. Here’s how we would work out the length.

Step 3: Measure for Curtains Drop / Length

Before you begin to measure you need to decide where you want your curtains to end. To the windowsill, just below the windowsill or all the way to the floor (and in-between too).


– Windowsill length curtains usually finish 1/2 inch (1.25cm) above the sill.
– Curtains that fall below the sill usually finish 15cm (6 inches) below. But the drop of this is, of course, up to the individual.
– For full length curtains you should allow 1 inch (2.5cm) clearance to avoid the curtains drooping and dragging on the floor.

Now, with your track/pole fitted 6-8 inches (15-20cm) above the window recess, measure from the top edge of the track/pole to your chosen finished length.

Step 4: Contact us!

Whether you do it on-line, through email or via the phone, we want to speak to you! Request some samples from us, and send us over your measurements for a quote. We just need:

Your Unit preference (cm/inch)>Your Pole/Track Width

Your desired curtain length

The type of lining you want

The type of heading you want (Pencil, Eyelet, Triple, Goblet)

After this, we will send your order through to our workroom and get started on your made to measure curtains.

Step 5: Very Important!

Sit down, relax with a cuppa and wait for us to send out your custom made to measure curtains!